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New UML to ActionScript 3.0 Source Generation Template

Posted September 02, 2008 by senocular

I've been wanting to do a little more with UML lately, moving beyond my standard post-it note chicken scratch for class diagrams. I've looked into UML tools before, but coming back to it this time, I think I've decided to stick with StarUML (Windows, free).

One of the problems with StarUML, and this is probably the case with most UML tools (especially the free ones), is that there is no ActionScript 3.0 source export - at least not built in. I have found some information about exporting to ActionScript 3.0 from StarUML here:

which is based on what someone posted here (which I can't read):

However, I was unable to get these export templates to work with my current project. And looking at the templates' source files, it seems that they are just refactored from the PHP export, something I felt was a little hacked (especially given that both Herman [digitaldogbyte] and his colleague were editing them further).

Nevertheless, the potential was there so I spent some time this weekend starting a new, dedicated ActionScript 3.0 export script for StarUML. Here are the results (!):


For more information, see Using StarUML to Generate ActionScript 3.0.

Note that this is technically still "beta" and if you have any problems, just let me know. I think, for the most part, though, everything should come out as you expect. I can't recall any liberties I took in how UML elements normally relate to each other but I make no promises ;).