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Watch your Flash Player-HTML allow* Params

Posted July 22, 2009 by senocular

I noticed an interesting consequence of having an incorrectly defined allowNetworking HTML parameter for one of my Flash projects: Full screen stopped working in IE.

The problem was that I gave the allowNetworking parameter a value of "always". Sadly, this is not an allowed value. For some reason, because it was not recognized, on Internet Explorer it meant full screen also broke.

The lesson here is that you need to watch your allow* parameters (i.e. allowFullScreen, allowNetworking, and allowScriptAccess). Each have their own set of allowed values which are unrelated to the other.
  • allowFullScreen: [true | false]
  • allowNetworking: [all | internal | none]
  • allowScriptAccess: [always | sameDomain | never]

My problem was mistaking allowNetworking values with those of allowScriptAccess. Silly me.