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Transform Tool 2 Updates

Posted December 07, 2010 by senocular

The new revision of the Transform Tool is still a work in progress. The tool is still in beta but now updates - including new source code - will be made available through a new tutorial page. Feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions.

I can't say that a lot of progress will be quickly, especially since the holidays are arriving, but I wanted to make sure what I had was made available publicly.
Now, I know that in my previous post, I suggested that my "next" tutorial would be about versioning. I haven't forgotten about that. In fact I had written this Transform Tool bit before even having said that; I just haven't published any links to the Transform Tool page until now.

A lot of progress has actually been made with the versioning tutorial already. In fact it's already longer in its incomplete state than I had expected the whole thing to be. Whether or not that's good, I don't know (probably not), but I think there will probably be some good info in there for people who don't quite understand it yet, despite it being a lot to take in.