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Flash Platform Versioning

Posted January 19, 2011 by senocular

As I mentioned before, I was working on a "tutorial" concerning versioning within the Flash Platform. This is now done enough to share: Flash Platform Versions. It's a little heavy, and more of a brain dump than a tutorial, but hopefully it can shed some light. There is one big takeaway: Nothing is in sync anymore. For example Flash Player is currently at version 10.1. Flash Professional, which used to be in sync with Flash Player, is now at 11. Additionally, though the latest SWF version for Flash Player 10.1 remains 10, for 10.2 it will jump to 11. Confused yet?
Eventually I would like to add more pictures and have some more supplementary material (such as a timeline of releases). But I need to get back to work on the Transform Tool. A lot of people have been bugging me about that one and I've been doing a good job of ignoring it lately ;).