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AS3: Transform Tool Complete

Posted September 21, 2006 by senocular

I think I've pretty much finished up the ActionScript 3.0 TransformTool class (now in the ActionScript section of the site) and have updated the demo. The demo now shows an example of a custom tool that both styles existing controls as well as adds custom controls (one that rotates, and one that resets the transformations of the selection). In case you've dug into the API before, there's been some minor changes, but nothing super-substantial. If I ever get the motivation, I'll go in and document everything properly with JavaDoc comments which ZenDoc seems to handle ok for AS3 currently; but I'll look into making it a little more compatible and updating/creating some templates etc.

AS3: Transform Tool v0.5

Posted September 15, 2006 by senocular

I've decided to upgrade my original Transform Tool originally created in ActionScript 1 to ActionScript 3. Instead of porting it, however, I rewrote it from scratch adding some of the features people requested in the original. These include:
  • Skew transformation
  • Editability of registation point
  • Ability to move upon selection

Transform Tool demo and source

OOPS - DW JSF Support Update

Posted September 06, 2006 by senocular

I just noticed something was wrong with the JSF Dreamweaver extension when the file size was indicated as being only 500b. I've just uploaded the correct file (so code hints are actually included within the extension this time) ;)

Fireworks JavaScript (JSF) Support for Dreamweaver

Posted September 05, 2006 by senocular

Earlier today someone pointed out to me that my extension for adding JSF support to Dreamweaver was not available from my site (instead, only available from the devnet article I originally posted it with). So I just added it. In doing so, I also noticed that it is now the only extension in the dreamweaver section. I have a few that I've made and just never got around to posting them on here. I guess I should get around to that too.

One of these days I'll have to go through and give this site a huge overhaul... yes, one of these days.

Flash was and always will be SmartSketch

Posted September 02, 2006 by senocular

I just noticed something funny when launching Flash earlier today that, in a way, coincides with its 10th birthday. If you didn't already know, Flash started out its life as drawing app called SmartSketch (back with FutureWave Software). In launching Flash Professional 8 and immediately tabbing through some programs I had open, I noticed Flash was still labeled as SmartSketch.

Flash 8 as SmartSketch

Fireworks: Transform Panel Extension

Posted August 30, 2006 by senocular

The Transform panel is a persistent panel for inspecting, resizing, and rotating selected objects or selected vector points. It measures size and position at decimal values and has a 9-point proxy orientation grid for dictating the registration point for transforms (and measurements).

I've been sitting on this extension for a while but haven't had time to fully complete it. The panel is mostly usable as it is now. I just have to iron out a few bugs here and there.

Fireworks: Resize 9-Slice Bitmap Command

Posted August 23, 2006 by senocular

A new Fireworks command is available, Resize 9-Slice Bitmap. This lets you scale a bitmap in Fireworks using 9-slice (scale9) scaling. Though I also have the scale components, using this command is a little easier and practical in most situations methinks. Just create a marquee to define your 9-slices (in similar fashion to Flash's scale9Grid rectangle), run the command, provide some new size values, and you're good.

Flash: Ten years, ten perspectives - including mine

Posted August 09, 2006 by senocular

Happy birthday Flash! It's been ten years and the Dialog Box in Adobe's Design Center has a feature called Flash: Ten years, ten perspectives where 10 Flash designers from around the world talk about they got started with Flash, what its taught them, and share some tips about using it. I happen to be one of those ten (in fact number 10) and tell the tale of how I got started with Flash.

To be honest, I may have gotten some of my facts wrong, but it seems like it was such a long time ago, who knows what really happened. Also, there was a catastrophic editing mishap which actually made the published version of my article worse than the original I submitted. I'm told it will be fixed but its been online and a mess for some time now. I mae bee eliterate, butt I gnow Flash!

Wrigley's Monster Trucks Flash Game

Posted August 07, 2006 by senocular

Today's Adobe site of the day is Monster Trucks Unleashed for Wrigley's Corp. It's a cool little game where you get to drive a monster truck through an obstacle course smashing cars and scoring points. Plus, it looks like when you crash, you get a little Rising Grid Transition action going on there. It's always great to see those things put to good use! Kudos Stimunation.

50 ActionScript 3 Tips

Posted August 07, 2006 by senocular

The ActionScript 3 Tip of the Day post has just reached its 50th tip (for..in and for each..in).

There are still a lot of "tips" I would like to cover (most just covering basic usage and tips for migration), so I imagine we'll reach at least 100 before all is said and done.