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Flash Player 8 (Maelstrom) and Creating Flash 8 SWFs

Posted August 05, 2005 by senocular

For those of you out of the Flash loop, here's a little bit of info that you might find interesting: the public beta flash player is now available (and has been for a few weeks)! Chances are you already know this and have it installed. Good. Now get it again, a new beta was just released today. But what good is it to you? Read more to find out.

O senocular, Where Art Thou?

Posted August 03, 2005 by senocular

If you haven't noticed, things have been a little slow here at senocular.com and for that I am sorry. Recently some health issues have been coming back to haunt me and I've also taken some time this summer to vacation and escape the clutches of technology for a while. On top of that, I have found myself to be in a very anti-computer mood, even after the vacation, meaning my time spent with these things (computers) has been greatly minimized.

More recently, however, I have been working on some projects to get me back into the flow of things. With time, they shall be revealled and hopefully I can get back in step and resume working on more source files, extensions, and hopefully this site.

Macromedia MAX 2005 Conference

Posted June 22, 2005 by senocular

Macromedia has anounced its third annual MAX 2005 conference which is to be held October 16 - 19, 2005 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.
"This is shaping up to be the most incredible conference we have ever hosted," said Kevin Lynch, chief software architect, Macromedia. "The Flash Platform is continuing to evolve dramatically this year, and MAX will be the place to engage with the latest developments."
For more information, see http://www.macromedia.com/max/.

JavaScript CSS Parser

Posted June 16, 2005 by senocular

I've spent some time a few months ago making a JavaScript-based CSS parser to be used in Dreamweaver for extracting CSS properties from elements in the working document. I've since abandoned the project. But now, I'm making it publically available for anyone who may be able to make use of it... or for those who are simply curious.


GForge: SourceForge for Flash?

Posted June 16, 2005 by senocular

Most of you are probably familiar with SourceForge, an open source application development site that hosts projects of all varieties (even those regarding Flash/ActionScript). However, Jesse on ActionScript.org has proposed "GForge", a SourceForge-like system hosted by ActionScript.org specifically for Flash and ActionScript related projects. Now the question is, is this a good idea? Do Flash projects need to be segregated in this manner? And what about OSFlash, a similar system already in place hosting open source projects specific to Flash/ActionScript? If you have concern, check out the thread concerning GForge and let Jesse know what you think.

Flash Event Bubbling

Posted June 08, 2005 by senocular

One of the first issues to come to terms with when dealing with basic Flash button events is dealing with Flash event bubbling... or rather, the lack of. Given two movie clips A and B where B is a child of A, you are allowed only one of which to actually be able to use button events. If both A and B are given button events, only A will receive them as parent clips with button events block all button events that child clips might receive. Read more to learn of an alternative.

ActionScript Highlighter

Posted June 07, 2005 by senocular

I've added a link to ASH (ActionScript source code highlighter) over in the tools section (was up until recently the projects section) of the menu. Some may remember this from when I first introduced it, but it has since been lost with history. I'm not currently actively working on it, but I'll try to get to it sooner or later improving performance, features, and robustness. At present, you can use it for simple code highlighting (it also highlights code in the ActionScript section).

Macromedia Flash Platform

Posted June 07, 2005 by senocular

Seems as though Macromedia is taking a new direction with the next version of the upcoming Flash player (code named Maelstrom) touting it as Macromedia Flash Platform. We've already seen that Maelstrom will provide us with better video, clearer text and a wide range of dynamic effects, but now we also see that the new player will also support file upload (open) and download (save) for an enhanced RIA experience (more new features). With this, Flash truely is becoming a platform. You can find out more at Macromedia's platform page or their press release.

Flash Example: Progressively Drawn Dashed Circle

Posted June 03, 2005 by senocular

I've updated the ActionScript 1.0 ContinuousDash class to the ActionScript 2.0 DashedLine class. Using this in combination with the ProgressiveDrawing class, I've created an example of a progressively drawn dashed circle.

Note: the ProgressiveDrawing class is now located in the com.senocular.drawing package.

Gogofrog: Free 3D Flash Website

Posted June 03, 2005 by senocular

Gogofrog is offering to host your 3D Flash web site for free. They offer all you need to make your 3D website as seen here. Offers:
  • Unique 3D format
  • Update and edit your site whenever you want
  • Rich media Web hosting service

Looks pretty interesting and they've done a decent job with the 3D even with the incorporation bitmaps. Best of all, it's free.