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ActionScript.org Hacked... Again.

Posted March 10, 2004 by senocular

It's a sad time for ActionScript.org as it has been hacked yet again. If you check now, you may get to see wonderful ASCII art of the two babies with the title "is this site was hacked" provided by the hackers who defaced the site. If you've missed it, I've got a copy here. It seems Jesse and the crew over at as.org has some serious securing to do.

The Search is Not Lost

Posted March 09, 2004 by senocular

There have been some concerns about the lack of the search feature in the new design. No worries, it will return, as soon as I design it :wink:. It'll take some time, however. I hope not too long, but you never know :doh:.

Java Vector and Enumerator Class for ActionScript 2.0

Posted March 08, 2004 by senocular

ferdymania over in the UltraShock forums recently posted some new ActionScript 2.0 classes, myVector and Enumerator, adapted from respective Java equivalents. You can see the classes here.

South Park Creators + Macromedia = Mi$take

Posted March 08, 2004 by senocular

The Miami Herald has a little blurb, How bubble brains spent mega$$, about Shocked, a Trio documentary airing tonight about how in the internet boom of the 90's Macromedia commissioned Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park fame to make cartoons for shockwave.com. For a cool $2 million, Stone and Parker would make cartoons for the site. The results were so raunchy that they would never be seen. Not surprising. An interesting story about Macromedia's use of money (at least at the time).

New Release of Macromedia Breeze

Posted March 08, 2004 by senocular

Macromedia just released a new version of Breeze which is to enhance web communication. From the press release:
"Macromedia is making web conferencing more useful and effective for businesses by giving them more power, control, and flexibility over their information," said Kevin M. Lynch, vice president, Macromedia. "Macromedia Breeze enables the free flow of information within organizations by building on their existing expertise, assets, tools, and technologies that are already available."
This is worth checking out as it is, after all, the month of free breeze.

Macromedia Contribute 2 Price Increase

Posted March 06, 2004 by senocular

After the month of March, Contribute 2 will raise in price by 50% or from $99 to $149 US. If you have any interest in the product (Try, Buy) which "is the easiest way for individuals and teams to update, create, and publish web content to any HTML website," you may want to act now. As of today, this has been running on the main banner of Macromedia's website.

Preview: Half-Life 2D Flash Game

Posted March 06, 2004 by senocular

Half-Life 2D is a Flash-based video game based loosely on Half-Life 2 which has been in the works for quite a while now. It was originally supposed to be available before the release of Half-Life 2 in September of 2003, but like Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2D had also been pushed back for who knows how long. The developers, however, still concede its release will be before that of Half-Life 2. A German Half-Life fan site, city17 recently posted an exclusive preview of the upcoming Half-Life 2D game. The translation is a little rough, but understandable. If you know German you're in pretty good shape.

Fireworks FX Studio 2004 Available

Posted March 06, 2004 by senocular

Freestylermx has recently released FX Studio 2004, a wonderful collection of Fireworks resources available free for download. And get this, you can even download the packaging! Both the box and the CD label are available in the case you decide you need those things. Thank you Coen Naninck.

Nansya Fireworks Styles

Posted March 06, 2004 by senocular

Coen from Fireworks Zone has pointed out that Nansya has updated Fireworks styles. There are three hefty pages of styles available for download.

senocular.com Updated Design

Posted March 06, 2004 by senocular

So there's been some changes and I've put the new design into effect. I tried not to make it too terribly drastic - most of the coloring is pretty consistent with before, but there's a different layout and a little more accessibility with the menu listing on the right.

I'll be tweeking this thing in the next couple of hours so some colors and formatting is sure to be off. No worries, I'll get to it. Just a matter of time.