Tutorials, extensions, and source files for ActionScript, Flash, and other Adobe products.


Fireworks Extensions

Save Paths as ActionScript (Fireworks 8)
Transform Panel (Fireworks 8)
Resize 9-Slice Bitmap (Fireworks 8)
Annotation Auto Shape (Fireworks MX 2004)
Custom Shapes Auto Shape (Fireworks MX 2004)
Batch Complete Alert (Fireworks MX)
Scale-3 and Scale-9 Components (Fireworks 8)
Patterns and Textures (Fireworks 8)
Named Selection (Fireworks MX 2004)
Used Fonts (Fireworks MX 2004)
Interpolation (Fireworks 8)
Align Commands (Fireworks MX)
Arrange Commands (Fireworks MX)
Text Commands (Fireworks MX)
Extrude Path (Fireworks MX 2004)
Creating Auto Shapes Tutorial Example Shapes (Fireworks MX 2004)
Pinwheel Auto Shape (Fireworks MX 2004)
File Info Auto Shape (Fireworks MX 2004)
Simple Linked Selection (Fireworks MX 2004)
Annotations (Fireworks MX 2004)