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Fireworks Extensions

3D Box Auto Shape

Posted September 24, 2004 by senocular

Version: Fireworks MX 2004

Creates an editable 3D box in your Fireworks document. All verticies are editable and can be moved anywhere you want within the 3D space.

The shape tries its best to keep proper depth sorting for the sides (drawing those sides which are closer on top those which are further away) though editing verticies positions will hinder its ability to do this with any efficiency (if you have a shape you want but the side you need to be on top isn't, you can rearrange order of the sides within using the subselect tool and arrangement options).

An option is given to change perspective. If the focal length (controlling perspective) is set to the max of 1000, all perspective is ignored and you get an isometric representation.

Crosshair Control Point:
- Normal drag: Rotate in x and y axes
- Ctrl/Cmd drag: Rotate in z axis
- Shift drag: adjust perspective (focal length)

Vertices Control Points:
- Click: Select
- Shift Click: Select multiple vertices
- Normal drag: Move selected vertices in x and y axes
- Ctrl/Cmd drag: Move selected vertices in z axis
- Shift drag: restrict normal drag to either x or y axis