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Fireworks Extensions

File Commands

Posted September 30, 2004 by senocular

Version: Fireworks MX

A collection of basic File commands.

  • Close All: Closes all open documents whether saved or not
  • Close Saved: Closes only saved documents
  • Duplicate Document: Duplicates the current document
  • Export All: Exports all open documents based on their last export settings
  • Import Multiple: Allows you to import more than one image at a time
  • Import to Library: Allows you to import an image directly to the library as a Graphic symbol
  • Open All Recent: Opens all documents listed in the File > Open Recent listing
  • Open Falsely Named PNG: Opens a PNG whose extension is not .png (normally this is not allowed)
  • Save All: Saves all open documents
  • Save and Close All: Closes all documents but will make sure they are saved before doing so

Note: Duplicate Document uses a saved copy (in a temp directory) of the document being duplicated. You will see this in your Recent documents listing (and it may be opened when using Open Most Recent or Open all Recent).

Run these commands from your Commands > File menu.