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Creating Auto Shapes Tutorial Example Shapes

Posted December 26, 2004 by senocular

Version: Fireworks MX 2004

The following Auto Shapes are those found in the Creating Macromedia Fireworks Auto Shapes tutorial. Only the final versions of each are included (still numbered respectively after installed).

- Aqua button
- Asterisk 3
- Chained Selection 2
- Circle Segment
- Cross
- Curve 2
- Element Matcher
- Figure Icon
- Pentagon 4
- Play Button Triangle 4
- Rounded Polygon
- Text Wave
- (tool) Hollow Box 7
- (tool) Simple Arrow
- (pattern) Aqua Button End
- (pattern) Aqua Button Mid
- (pattern) Aqua Button Start

Version History:
1.0.1: Fixed a bug where certain shapes were missing functions allowing for them only to work after other shapes had been added defining those functions for them
1.0.0: Initial public release