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Fireworks Extensions

Text Commands

Posted March 03, 2005 by senocular

Version: Fireworks MX

A collection of text commands for Fireworks.

  • Case Lowercase/Uppercase: Changes all text in the selected textfield to be either uppercase or lowercase
  • Case Uppercase First: Changes the first character of each word in the text to uppercase
  • Render as Paths/Pixels: Changes the transformMode of the textfield to either 'paths' or 'pixels' changing how it is rendered in Fireworks
  • Lorem ipsum: Creates a textfield in the center of the current Fireworks document with lorem ipsum filler text.
  • Set Width: Sets the width of the selected textfield without distoring the text it contains (resizes the textfield, does not scale it)
  • Toggle Fixed Width: Toggles between a textfield having a fixed width or autoexpanding to meet its contents
  • Solidify*: Converts the selected textfield to paths and removes any extra interior contours within the paths generated (removes 'holes' such as the centers of o's making them solid)

Run these commands from your Commands > Text menu.

*Warning, may freeze Fireworks if used on large portions of text.