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Scale-3 and Scale-9 Components

Posted October 21, 2005 by senocular

Version: Fireworks 8

The Scale-3 and Scale-9 Component Auto Shapes are two Auto Shapes created for Macromedia Fireworks 8 that allow developers and designers to create and use scalable components for Fireworks designs (3-slice and 9-slice). They can consist of solid colors or use bitmap imagery utilizing patterns to mimic existing or represent new interface elements which can be scaled by the user without resulting in distortion. For more information, see the help documentation.

Note: The shapes in this extension are unskinned shapes which you create from the Shapes panel. Those examples seen in the preview are skinned--in fact everything you see in the preview is either a Scale-3 or Scale-9 Component Auto Shape. You can download additional skins as they become available. Read the documentation to learn how you can skin component shapes yourself. Skins available from senocular:
Note: Some of the skins may be from older versions of the shape. You can use the Copy Component Skin command (found in Commands > Auto Shapes) to update the skins to the most recent versions of the shapes.

If you would like to manually install the extension, if for example you do not have permissions through the MXP, download the extension files and follow the instructions provided.

New in 0.9.10:
  • Fixed an error that occurred when changing states in the Scale-9 component shape.