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Custom Shapes Auto Shape

Posted December 11, 2005 by senocular

Version: Fireworks MX 2004

The Custom Shapes Auto Shape is a non-specific shape that lets you store simple, vector shapes you've created in Fireworks to one Auto Shape accessible from the Shapes panel (the Custom Shapes shape). Keep in mind that this is for simple shapes. Overly complex shapes should not be used with this shape as it can cause poor performance.

There are 3 control points at the top of the shape (2 yellow and one blue or inverted) that let go between all the shapes you have saved. An additional crosshair control point lets you add, modify or remove shapes. To add a shape, simply drag the crosshair control point over a custom shape you've made in Fireworks. You will be prompted to give it a name. This name is also used as a filename which stores shape; normal filename restrictions apply (shapes are stored in the [Fireworks]/Configuration/Shared/senocular/CustomShapes/shapes folder). Note: when selecting a shape to add, only paths are acceptable shapes and only the shape itself is stored within the Custom Shapes Auto Shape, not color, textures or effects. You can update a shape by holding SHIFT when selecting a shape with the crosshair control point. The current shape's visuals will be changed to that of the new shape selected. If you hold SHIFT and click the crosshair, you will be able to rename the current shape. Holding CTRL and clicking on the crosshair will delete the current shape.

- 0.9.8: Initial public release