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Save Paths as ActionScript

Posted November 17, 2008 by senocular

Version: Fireworks 8

This command will let you export a selection of path objects to ActionScript using the new ActionScript drawing APIs introduced in Flash Player 10 (Graphics.drawGraphcisData with Vectors, etc.). When exported, an ActionScript 3.0 class is created with each path as a static Vector. property. These paths can be referenced from this class directly or the class can be instantiated as a display list at which point it will draw each path within itself.

Currently only solid colors for fills and strokes are supported. Bitmaps, groups, or any other non-path/non-rectangle objects in your selection will be ignored.

Included in the zip is the MXP installer, the JSF command (for those who cannot use MXPs), and an example PNG with the ActionScript it generated.